Mbongeni Fakudze

Mbongeni Fakudze

Mbabane Swaziland
Artist’s Statement

My art explores the concept of solidity versus fluidity versus gaseousness. I have always seen the world through the microscopic eye of an atomic physicist and simultaneously the cosmic eye of an astrophysicist


His cultural identity combines strong attachments to the country of his birth, his Rastafarian believes and to his adopted home, a hybrid identity that is reflected in his work.
Defying definitions of genre to re-imagine the nature of what a portrait can be, Mbongeni Fakudze introduces us to his bountiful fluid concept of fine art portraiture. He is celebrated for his luminous paintings which balance form with free, vigorous brushwork and vibrant colour.
The faces in Mbongeni’s paintings are charged with content. Bringing to mind poles of rational male intellect and feminine sensitivity, the androgynous women in these paintings reflect the full range of emotions as they play out in the human drama and appear to be based on a theatrical exaggeration. The construction of identity and dispersal thereof are rendered through powerful, nearly threatening brush strokes that create and destabilise at the same time, underlining the impermanence of being. Fakudze’s use of contradicting colour combinations highlight the inner tensions of human existence, emotions and thought processes, edging towards abandonment.
Inviting prolonged examination, his paintings repay with intimate moments that shift and grow with each viewing. This is one possible, visual journey through Mbongeni’s art, during which we might dwell on irresistible shapes and unique lines that seem to be so much more his signature than the name at the bottom of the work. Variations of touch, pressure, colour and tone, alert us to his preferred medium of paint as figures appear and atmosphere is created.
His great strength lies in the understanding of the ways in which objects and images impress upon us via essences of colour, shape and texture and how these essences affect us as deeply as the physical form to which they are ordinarily attached. The paintings are thus held in an innovative balance between a focus on form and the endless associativity they inspire.


Vision Statement

“Our ethos is consistent: promote this generation of artists from the African continent, nurture talent & surprise collectors by innovative exhibitions, unprecedented professionality and quality.”

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