Sizwe Khoza was born in Mozambique and moved to South Africa in 1995. He matriculated in 2010 from Nkumbulo Comprehensive School and attended Saturday classes at Artist Proof Studio. Khoza graduated from Artist Proof Studio 2012 and was one of the top students in his class.

‘Growing up knowing that you have a father and knowing where he is but not having him in your life, has made me feel a big gap in my life, and has also made me realize that woman- our mothers, grandmothers and sisters are the queens and they should be crowned and respected as such.’

He was offered a residency at William Humphrey Art Gallery (WHAG) in Kimberley under the mentorship of Dumisani Mabaso. He’s been part of several group exhibitions, and is currently teaching printmaking at APS.


My work is a comparison between a “strategic” game of chess and my background. In a game of chess we hear mostly of a king and we tend to forget the queen and the other pieces. However, the king never does much other than to be protected, whereas the queen can move more blocks than a king; diagonally, sideways, backwards and forwards.

Selected Works

Exhibitions at ODA


2 men show with Lindo Zwane, Feb 2018

Vision Statement

“Our ethos is consistent: promote this generation of artists from the African continent, nurture talent & surprise collectors by innovative exhibitions, unprecedented professionality and quality.”

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