Nwaneri Kelechi Charles b(1994) is a self-taught mixed media artist.

He focused on the sciences during his early schooling years and went on to obtain a bachelors degree in agricultural extension from the university of Nigeria in 2015.

Inspired by pencil artists such as Kelvin Okafor, Arinze Stanley and Ken Nwadiogbu, he initially focused on pencil realism and has evolved to introducing other mediums such as acrylic paints, collages, watercolours and oil paints.

Kelechi focuses on discussing issues around mental health, psychology and social values with his work (although his scope of discussions is not limited to these issues). Inspired by events happening in his environment, he creates art with surrealistic imagery that is most times allegorical to real cases experienced by individuals in situations within his scope of discussions. The use of indigenous and sometimes foreign symbols, mystical, metaphysical and allegorical imagery in relaying messages is a major characteristic of his style of work.

Kelechi is the most recent winner of the annual “visual art competition 2018” organized by the Spanish embassy in Abuja, Nigeria and has participated in a number of group shows within Nigeria. He currently lives and works in Lagos state, Nigeria.


My work is born out of the desire to represent the quiet interaction between our conscious and subconscious state of mind in relation to our environment. I believe that everything in our lives dances to the vibrations of the subconscious.

Selected Works

Exhibitions at ODA


group exhibition, ART Franschhoek, 2019

Vision Statement

“Our ethos is consistent: promote this generation of artists from the African continent, nurture talent & surprise collectors by innovative exhibitions, unprecedented professionality and quality.”

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